35 years with ADAS
Legoland Florida project completed in 2021.
Introducing the ADAS® Brand
									Since the start of Multimedia Engineering’s company operations in 1988, we have grown to become known through our brand name, ADAS
									, which stands for the Automatic Design and Analysis of Structures. As a lightweight structure specialist, the name is reflective of
									 our proprietary engineering analysis software that is developed in-house to analyse such structures. Under ADAS®, we have been able
									  to conduct business internationally with several offices and partners to serve overseas markets.
As we believe in constant innovation and R&D work, 
									we have consistently diversified our product range to meet market needs. 
									Thus far, ADAS® Products can be categorized into roofing and façade systems as well as structural systems under the main ADAS brand, 
									greenhouses and IOT solutions under ADAS Green, and engineering analysis software under ADAS Byte.
Roof and Façade System
									With a wide range of lightweight materials, ADAS Tensile Membrane, ETFE Skylight and Fabric Façade systems can be applied in many different combinations, 
									allowing the creativity of our designers to shine. The benefits are that these materials are low maintenance, strong, flexible, and safe to use, 
									which make them a popular choice around the world.

									Structural Systems
									To support our roof and façade systems, we can design and engineer various structural configurations, including ADAS® Spaceframe, 
									Architectural Steel, Large Span and TensiNet Systems. This experience in different structural systems allows us to propose the best and most efficient 
									structural solution for our clients’ aesthetic and functional needs.
ADAS® SMART Greenhouse
										The high performance and durability of ETFE means that it is the best material in the market for greenhouse cladding, 
										which we combine with our structural frames to create the ADAS® ETFE Greenhouse. Recognising the need for data-driven agriculture, 
										we also offer the ADAS® SMART Greenhouse that combines IoT climate control and growth systems with the greenhouse structure. 

										Over the years, we have also established a strong network of partners and an impressive portfolio of 600+ projects in 17 countries. 
										Being involved in every stage of the process, from design and engineering to installation, we are also proud of being able to provide 
										a complete solution to our clients. Also, with a strong support system from the Singapore HQ, we are confident in our ability to take on 
										overseas projects anywhere in the world. As we approach our 35th year since our founding, we are excited to keep striving towards new ventures, 
										and to keep taking on the challenges of fresh projects. Here’s to another 35 years and many more.
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