By Juliani

Beautiful and iconic tensile membrane structures are the result of a long process. It starts with planning and fabrication, and ends with installation. Fabrication is a vital aspect in achieving a good lightweight structure; the quality of the fabrication will be reflected in the finished structure. In other words, if the fabrication is substandard, the finished structure will also be substandard, but if the fabrication is done carefully and exactly, the finished structure will be as precise as desired.

In lightweight structures, we have two important components. The first component is the steelwork and the second component is the membrane. Both components are important and related to each other. We need to design the membrane to be fitted precisely onto the steelwork. For each project on hand, the fabrication process is as follows:


We always work with 3D models. By creating a 3D model, we can have a better visualization and understanding of the “real thing” before it is built. We can foresee both the advantages and disadvantages of each detailed component of the structure. We create each component within the 3D model precisely.

Procurement of Materials

Some materials will not always be available whenever you need it. However, with us, this issue does not occur. With careful planning, we provide enough time for the materials to be procured before the fabrication process begins.

Steelwork Fabrication

The processes of steel cutting, rolling, welding, galvanizing, and painting, up until assembly, are performed carefully and precisely by our trusted steel fabrication team. Our steel fabrication team are not only experts in structural steel but also in architectural steel, which involves complex shapes like curves.

Membrane Fabrication 

Each project has unique membrane characteristics. Membranes from one project cannot be used for another project which has a differing shape and dimension. The membranes will be form-found carefully and specially tailored according to the cutting pattern for each project in order to avoid any mismatch and wrinkles. Our membrane fabrication team consists of reliable experts in producing tensile membranes.


Whether it is an overseas or local project, packing is a crucial aspect of the fabrication process. Packing is necessary due to site transportation requirements. We ensure both the steelwork and membrane will arrive at the site in proper condition and without any serious damage.


As explained above, we now know the importance of the fabrication process. With a well-managed and structured fabrication process, an excellent tensile membrane structure can be delivered.


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