Windas Work Station is the main product of ADAS Byte: It is a specialized engineering software for the advanced analysis, automatic design and fabrication of space frame, tensile membrane, ETFE cushion, and cable-net structures. Currently running on parallel and cluster processing, Windas can accommodate an unlimited number of elements & nodes. The structural analysis of a 10,000m2 membrane represented as 27,000 mesh elements can be done in within 3 minutes(1).

Aside from being fast, Windas Work Station is flexible and robust. 20 types of elements with different degrees of freedom can be analyzed under one user interface. The type of elements includes various types of 1D lines, Bernoulli beams, 2D shells, surface elements, and 3D solid elements. The solvers available are equally capable of handling the ranges of element type. As of this date, Windas is able to run complete comprehensive analysis for tensile fabric structures, tensegrity structure, cable-net system, and even 2D component-based FEM analysis.

Windas Work Station Screenshot

Windas was created as an automatic design & analysis software for ADAS® Spaceframe systems. To integrate automatic spaceframe fabrication into the workflow, the WinSSDM plug-in was introduced. WinSSDM allows for the automatic design of each nodal joint. This design procedure includes sizing of the nodes as well as the associated bolts, sleeves, and hole orientations. Additionally, material quantity take-off sheets and installation drawings will be automatically produced as well. This set of data will then be used on a CNC machine to fabricate the components accordingly.

tensinet structural analysis

As our expertise diversified, Windas has been adapted to specialize in tensile fabric analysis as well. With extensive library of tensile membrane fabrics and ETFE films, Windas is also capable of performing form-finding and loading analysis for such niche materials. Similarly, cable-net and tensegrity system analysies have been introduced and verified subsequently.

Hybrid Cable Net Structure with compressive struts

Also keeping up with the trend within structural engineers, Windas is now capable of executing component-based finite element analysis.  Currently under development, as of now Windas recognized Andes Shell, Mitc Shell, Quad Shell, and Semi-loof shell elements to carry out this type of analysis.

With the wide variety of analyses that can be done within Windas, each user has the freedom to accurately and effectively complete their work in accordance to project requirement.

Feel free to visit our ADAS Byte website and be in touch should you have further queries. Also, check out our brief tutorial on Youtube! 


[1] Analysis includes 4 load cases consisting of point load and wind pressure.

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