ADAS® Smart Greenhouse integrates two emerging components of the agricultural industry: ETFE film and smart technology. 

Our high quality ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) films are ideal for plant growth. ETFE films are the perfect alternative to glass and polycarbonates as they are lighter and more durable, and provide better protection than mesh netting. Despite being highly transparent for UV and visible light, ETFE does not incur UV damage compared to other plastic films, which results in prolonged bright and open spaces that can emulate the outdoors.

Additional advantages of ETFE film include its non-stick and self-cleaning properties, making it easy to maintain over its lifespan of over 20 years. The flexibility of ETFE film means that design elements can incorporated, creating greenhouses are not only highly functional but aesthetically pleasing.

To ensure optimum growth conditions, ADAS® Smart Greenhouse uses Internet of Things-enabled technology to assess and respond to changes in the environment through sensors, retractable shading and wall systems, ventilation systems, and others. Through a centralised control system, these components can work together to create an adaptive greenhouse that improves crop health, quality, and yield. 

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