ADAS® Structure consists of a range of structural systems that can be paired with lightweight, flexible tensile materials to create a complete, functional shading or facade solution. ADAS® Structure includes: 

ADAS® Spaceframe


ADAS® Spaceframe is a patented structural system that provides an aesthetic, cost-effective, lightweight solution to large span structures. Our own proprietary engineering design software, combined with our modern manufacturing facility enables us to undertake spaceframe structures of any form and magnitude.





ADAS® Architectural Steel


ADAS® Architectural Steel are highly customised steel parts and structures that are designed, engineered, and fabricated by our team. They are usually manufactured for the purposes of large-span structures such as stadiums, pavilions, and amphitheatres.






ADAS® TensiNet System

ADAS® TensiNet Systems are minimalist cable-net structures stabilised by both tension and compression. An alternative to conventional steel truss structures, ADAS® TensiNet systems are super lightweight and flexible, and can provide as much strength with a lot less bulk. They can also be easily integrated with surrounding structures, and can be transported and installed conveniently. 





ADAS® Large Span

ADAS® Large Span is a high performance structural system that consists of high quality steel members clad with lightweight fabrics that allow the supporting structure to be designed as minimally as possible, resulting in unobstructed internal spaces that can easily span up to and over 72 metres. 

The current standard widths for ADAS® Large Span structures are as follows:
ADAS® LS48 (48 m)
ADAS® LS60 (60 m)
ADAS® LS72 (72 m)



ADAS® Gridshell 

ADAS® Gridshell structures enable the design and construction of organic, free-form shapes using a variety of grids and patterns that form structural members. Due to their structural efficiency, wide spans can be achieved with column-free interiors, and enable creative freedom in sculpting architectural spaces. The visual appeal of the gridshell can be highlighted through the translucency or transparency of our cladding materials.

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